Creating and editing the project

In order to work with the projects, a user has to launch the Projects application. In order to access this application, the user must be assigned the Project management role.

A user is able to create a project from any view by choosing the Create project option.

Properties of the project can be changed after its creation by using the Project properties option in the project card:

Project properties

  • *Name — a short, unique name for the project.
  • Code — a project code.
  • *Start date, *End date — the active period of the project.
  • *Billing type — a billing type for the project. More information can be found here: Project types.
  • *Timesheets billing — defines the list of available options for the timesheet line of the project. Must be chosen from the list:
    • Non-billable only — the user won’t be able to change the billing rate in the timesheet, and the system will always choose [NON-BILLABLE] billing rate.
      This is the only option for the Non billable project type.
    • Billable only — vice versa, the timesheet won’t have the [NON-BILLABLE] billing rate, i.e., all work on the project must be paid (utilizated).
    • Mixed — the timesheet will offer all billing options.
  • Description — any information about the project.
  • External hyperlink — any given URL, e.g., to the document library of the corporate portal. If this field has a value, it’s going to be shown in the card of the project.
  • *Manager — the user, i.e., the manager of the project.
  • Client — client who orders works under the project. The project is considered as internal if no customer is selected.
  • Estimated hours, Estimated cost, Estimated revenue (available only for «Fixed bid» project billing type) — planned indicators of the project. The user is able to enter indicators as for a specific task, as well as for the entire project.
  • Allow time allocation on main task — this parameter allows the user to select the main (upper) task of the project.
  • Skip manager in timesheets approval — this parameter allows ignoring the approval of time writing-off by the Project Manager.

* — required field.


  • Billing type can’t be changed after the creation of the project.
  • Client can’t be changed after the first working time tracking.

In the More tab, additional custom fields created by the System Administrator can be displayed.

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