Stopwatches are used to track working time.

This feature is disabled by default. The user is able to enable this feature in personal settings, while the administrator can enable it in the card of the user.

How to start and stop the stopwatch

The user is able to start the stopwatch using the current day cell in the timesheet.

This button is located in the fast time entry detailof the table view timesheet:

This button can be found right in the cell (when hovering the cursor above it) of the log view timesheet:

The time is added into the cell only when the stopwatch has been stopped:

Information is recorded into the cell by adding the tracked time to the already existing value.

Stopwatch indicator and additional features

When the user starts the stopwatch, a special indicator will appear in the action dashboard:

This indicator can be seen on any page of the application, allowing additional features for the stopwatch control:

  • Pause and resume time tracking by using the Pause and Resume buttons
  • Various termination options (the additional section of the Stop button):
    • Stop and track – the stopwatch will be stopped, and the tracked value will be added into the cell.
    • Stop and cancel – the stopwatch will be stopped without adding any information to the cell.
    • Stop and overwrite – the stopwatch will be stopped and the value in the cell will be replaced with the tracked time.