Team or employee work overview

Work overview — an analytical tool that clearly represents information about all the working aspects of a team or an employee in WorkPoint.

Personal work overviews can be found by all users in their My work application. The Supervisor has access to the works overview of the entire team and every subordinate in the My team application.

Work summary

The work summary is intended to provide information about the allocation of work between customers, projects, and activities as well as the utilization for the selected period of time:

The Manager is able to filter results by department while viewing the teamwork overview.

Work progress

Work progress provides information about the key indicators using the timeline:

Main indicators:

  1. Labor (hours);
  2. Utilization;
  3. Paid utilization.

The indicated period can be chosen by moving the selector on the chart, or by using the dropdown list on the dashboard. The data can be grouped by days, weeks, months, quarters and years. The Supervisor is able to filter results by department in the work overview.