How does the approval process works?


WorkPoint allows for approving of timesheets, time-off requests and expense requests.

The approval process is similar for all entities in the system. Each entity and each user can be assigned to a specific approval process; thus, the list of approving users can also be different.

The list of approving users may include specific users, as well, as the following roles in the system: Supervisor, Project Manager, Project Co-Manager, Program Manager , or Program Co-Manager.

The approval process shall be considered finalized only in the case when all the approving users have successfully approved the entity. If one of the users rejects the entity, the approval process shall be terminated.

Accordance to entity lifecycle

Timesheets, as well as time-off and expense requests, may be in one of the four following states:

  • Draft — the process of approval was terminated or hasn’t started yet.
  • On approval —  the approval process is being carried out.
  • Approved — the entity is approved and the approval process is over.
  • Rejected — the entity is rejected during the process of approval.

How to submit an entity for approval?

In order to send an entity for approval the user has to select the Submit button right in the entity card:

If the entity corresponds with the validation rules, the process of approval will begin. Otherwise, the user will see the following message:

If you need to send an entity which doesn’t comply with validation rules, e.g., in case of a working schedule change, you have to contact your Payroll manager.

What if the entity was rejected?

The entity can be either approved or rejected during the approval process.

If notifications are enabled for the entity author, they will receive an email notification with information about the approval.

The My work application will have an additional navigation element upon rejection:

After that you need to open the entity card and click Edit to make the required changes. After making such changes you are able to submit the entity for another approval.

How to approve?

If notifications are enabled for the approving user, they will receive an email notification with information about the approval and a request to approve the entity, including a link to the entity.

If there are entities awaiting approval, the My work application will have an additional navigation element:

To approve represents all the entities, that have to be approved by the current user.

The approval itself has to be made in the entity card:

The Comment field has to be used to add various notes to the operation, e.g., the reason for rejection.

Approve and Reject — approval process commands.

Edit — this command is used to terminate the approval process and switch the entity into the draft state. This option is available only for the author of the entity, as well as to Supervisor or Payroll manager (if such permissions were provided).

How to get information about the approval process

Information about the approval process can be found in the entity card:

State indicator — represents the current state of the approval.

Date due — represents the last date by which the entity must be submitted for approval (only for timesheets).

Approvers — represents the list of approving users (approval route). The list is divided into stages according to the current settings of the approval process. Approving users of each stage are able to approve the entity simultaneously, while each stage can be approved only after the successful approval of the previous one.

Information about the approval state and the current approving users can be found in the list of entities (corresponding columns can be hidden, and you need to change their appearance if required):

The approval history can be found in the entity card:

It shows approvals, rejections, approval terminations, comments, and the executive person.

How to terminate the approval process

The author of the entity, Supervisor, or Payroll manager are each able to terminate the approval process. In order to do that, the user has to click the Edit button in the entity card.

Additional features

  1. Project manager approval features. After receiving a timesheet for approval, the project manager is able to see only lines related to their project (by default). The administrator is able to provide permission to view all other lines of the entity.
  2. Additional approval. In case of additional approval, the user is able to skip their step in the case that the entity was approved before, and there were no changes in the lines available for the user.
  3. Timesheet author. The author of the timesheet is excluded from the approval process if the author is included in the list of approving users.
  4. Payroll manager and process administration. The user with the Payroll manager role is able to perform approval operations ignoring the rules of the process. In particular:
    • Force approve or reject an entity, ignoring all other approvers.
    • Submit an entity that doesn’t comply with validation rules.
    • Return an already approved entity to the draft state.