Substitution of the user

The substitution mode allows for working with the system on behalf of another user. After entering the system in substitution mode, you will see the system through the eyes of the substituted user.

You are able to work in substitution mode only in the case when the substituted user or the system administrator assigned you as a substituting user.

Only the System administrator can provide the user with the right to assign substitute users. Thus, you may be not able to use such functionality.

How to add your substitutes

Use your personal menu (in the upper right corner) in order to open the My settings section:

Open the Deputies tab with settings for substitute users:

In order to add a substitute user, you need to click the Add line button. In order to delete one, you need to open the context menu (the button in the rightmost column of the line) and click Delete.

  • Deputy— the user who’s going to substitute you.
  • Start and Finish — the period of substitution. If no value is selected, the period won’t be limited.

Log in as a substitute user

In order to start substitution mode, you have to choose Log in as... from the personal menu

Choose the required user and click  ОК:

Leaving substitution mode

When working in substitution mode you will see the substitution indicator to the left of the username:

In order to leave substitution mode, you have to click Exit substitution mode.